Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Art Advice from The Painting Lady 1: The Painting Lady 1 Road Trip to Augusta ,Wisconsi...

Art Advice from The Painting Lady 1: The Painting Lady 1 Road Trip to Augusta ,Wisconsi...: "Hi everyone, got back from my Mom's last night! Drove 285 miles, had a beautiful drive! Discovered McDonalds' Wild Berry Smoothies!! Now ..."

The Painting Lady 1 Road Trip to Augusta ,Wisconsin!

Hi everyone, got back from my Mom's last night!  Drove 285 miles, had a beautiful drive!  Discovered McDonalds' Wild Berry Smoothies!!  Now these are really ,really GOOD!! Did not take the interstate except where I absolutely had to! I went thru some of the most beautiful country in Wisconsin and Illinois!  I made really good time too! Actually did better on the 2 lanes highways that the interstate, because, not much construction on Wisconsin 2 lane highways.  Even made it thru the Dells pretty good too!  This was on a Monday to!, Now if you are going on a trip to Wisconsin, take the time to map out some county routes and roads, going thru the small towns is worth the time and effort!
  My Mom lives in a little town called Augusta, Wisconsin, outside of Eau Claire, it's a pretty good boogy to get there, but again it was worth it.  Anyway we took care of unloading and setting things for her in her home, then she told me she had ordered a Strawberry Cream pie for supper from the Happy Hunter Rest. in town, so we headed there to get the pie from Josie.  Well I thought that I had had good pies before, but WOW!  Josie said she had just made the pie fresh and it was ready to go!  Did I want to take a look?  This was the most BEAUTIFUL FRESH STRAWBERRY cream pie I had ever seen!  HUGE, Huge strawberries and lots of cream!  Let me tell you that pie was soo good after supper!!
 So that's the Happy Hunter Rest. in Augusta, Wisconsin you have to stop in and get pie from Josie!  Now on Friday night when I got up  to Mom's,unpacked and organized, rather than cook at home I took Mom out to Friday Night Fish Fry at The Black Bear Supper Club on Rt.#27 just over the bridge of the Eau Claire River,about 7 miles outside of Augusta.  Now by this time it is almost 7-8Pm, the place is packed!  We were seated, were going to have the fish fry, but the waitress told us they had just started an all you can eat buffet, which included their fish, ribs and let me tell you, the best ever to die for fried chicken,plus shrimp,mac and cheese, you name it they pretty much had it on that buffet, all for only ,get this, $12.95! We got the buffet!  Worth every penny! good service!  Great Coffee and anyone who knows me I love my coffee and cream!  We went home happy campers about 9-10PM!  This was just the start of my week end with my Mom!  I will continue with this a little later on,have to get some work done now that I am back home!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday Morning Artists!!! Painting Group

Hi everyone Painting Lady 1 here!!  Well had our ususal Tuesday Morning art Class for my Seniors at The Dundee Senior Center,  this is a REALLY, REALLy SPECIAL GROUP OF ARTISTS!!!  Now I have learned that when one puts things in capitals its like shouting at the top of one's lungs!!?  Well someone should shout out about these artists!!  Frist of all I am the youngest one in the group, I am their art teacher,instructor all around general pain in the tusche!!  I am there strictly to help when a problem arises with any of their work, which means I have to be on my toes!  These Artists are so wonderful! They rang in age from 50ish, my age,to 90ish!  Some work on oils, some arcyllics, some watercolors and we have the most amazing color pencil artists in this group! All of their artwork is different subjects too, I  never know when I have to help with a landscape or work on a face on a dog,or a person.  I have one artist who paints the most beautiful landscapes,everyone loves his work,we are able to watch each other ,seeing how the work progresses thru out the morning.  This particular artist will work all morning on a piece, then we hear that awful noise!!  You know that scraping sound, when one is taking paint off a canvas!  Three hours of work, then he is scraping off all of the paint, starting over, because the color wasn't right or a tree branch was in the wrong place! Then he starts all over again, but I tell you this gentleman ends up with some of the most amazing paintings!  And his works sells at our local art show in the fall,  a piece that should sell for over$500.00 in a local art gallery, he sells at a 1/4 of the price, because he doesn't want to charge to much to his buyer!?  The Tuesday Morning PAinters can range in size to 10 artists on a bad winter/rainy day, to over 20 to 30 on a bright sunny day! It is amazing to be part os such a group of artists, I never know what I will learn next from them!  It is also a wonderful social group for everyone, I have been doing this for almost 4 years now, this group take their art very seriously, sometimes they are so intent on what they are painting, one can hear a pin drop in the artroom!
I honestly hate to close things up at noo and go home! If I could do this on a full time basises and make a living at this, believe me I would!? Well I have to get ready for my real job that actually pays the bills, so I will write about The Tuesday Morning Artists next week and let you allknow how they are doing!?
Have a great week end with your family and friends,get out there and paint,draw, whatever you do art wise, take your family with to the park or forest preserve,let them enjoy the sunshine, while you paint or draw, or snap pictures on your digital camera for future artwork!!  God Bless, The Painting Lady 1

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

figuring out facebook???

Hi Everyone I have a Facebook page, account or whatever name you want to give it?  I do like using facebook and talking to everyone, but as everyone  knows I am not to computer friendly? Just ask my son Matthew, and brother-in-law,Jim!!!  They each have a few more gray hairs thanks to me!!! Anyway I was going thru my facebook and checking on some of my art listings and wow I have things going back  a LONG ways!  Benn having so much Fun deleting what I can and messing up a few other things!  Oh Well,  just needed to vent about computers a bit here!I will be back with some more info on painting in a little while, have to get my paintings finished for our August Make It take It OIl painting Workshop.  So back to work I go!!! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi This is The Painting LAdy 1, I am an Alexander Certified Art Instructor , with Alexander Art Company. You may have seen William Alexander on Public TV doing his paintings with his Big Brush and finishing a painting in that 30-minute show!  Well I teach that same wet on wet oil painting technique in my studio, it takes a bit more than 30-minutes!  But if you have always wanted to try your hand at art, oilpainting, but didn't think you could, believe this is a good way to start!  Now mind you this is just one way to paint!!!  There are hundreds of painting methods out there some good and some just plain crap!  This is a good simple way to start painting and get involved with art!   If you have questions about painting or this technique that is what I am here for!!